Our Story


Hollah HQ opened for business in September 2014 when 2 friends and neighbours waved their 4 year old girls off to P1.
Paula Latuske and Trudy Hodkinson both had taken time out of their careers to raise their children,  they wanted to get back into the workforce but on their terms.



Their hope was  to create a brand of chutneys and chilli jams with a modern fun twist. Combining their talents and their names ( HO and LA from their surnames), Paula & Trudy started to make chutneys with friends and families apples and local craft ales.


They decided they needed to build a brand that people could relate to. So Hollahs’ ethos and strapline is

‘Preserving food – ( our favourite past time is enjoying good food and fun new flavours)

Preserving friendships ( by encouraging people to come and eat together and get out ) and

Preserving sanity (by getting back into the workplace on our terms)


Now, having outgrown our home kitchens Hollah is delighted to have expanded and entrusted our production to a local and experienced manufacturer. This has enabled us to spread the Hollah love further afield.
We love to have a laugh and we are enjoying this adventure….please join it with us! ‘Follah Hollah’ on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram as well as here on our website and help our story grow!

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