Our Story


Hollah HQ opened for business in September 2014 when 2 friends and neighbours waved their 4 year old girls off to P1.
Paula Latuske and Trudy Hodkinson both had taken time out of their careers to raise their children,  they wanted to get back into the workforce but on their terms.



Their hope was  to create a brand of chutneys and chilli jams with a modern fun twist. Combining their talents and their names ( HO and LA from their surnames), Paula & Trudy started to make chutneys with friends and families apples and local craft ales.


They decided they needed to build a brand that people could relate to. So Hollahs’ ethos and strapline is

‘Preserving food – ( our favourite past time is enjoying good food and fun new flavours)

Preserving friendships ( by encouraging people to come and eat together and get out ) and

Preserving sanity (by getting back into the workplace on our terms)


Now, having outgrown our home kitchens Hollah is delighted to have expanded and entrusted our production to a local and experienced manufacturer. This has enabled us to spread the Hollah love further afield.
We love to have a laugh and we are enjoying this adventure….please join it with us! ‘Follah Hollah’ on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram as well as here on our website and help our story grow!

Check out our latest goods!

  • chipotle

    Hollah Chipotle Smokin’ Hot Sauce

    the smokey taste of Mexican chipotle mingles with the kick of chilli in this to-die-for sauce. Superb on grilled meat or try it on scrambled eggs for a breakfast fit for Clint Eastwood.
  • Every day is a hot Hollahday
    Every day is a hot Hollahday

    Hollahs Everyday Hot Sauce

    Not too hot not too sweet but just right for the everyday dinner table. Spice up your soups with a splash of Cayenne pepper, add it to a chicken wrap to add bite to your sandwich  or stick it in the slow cooker with beef and creme fraiche for mid week easy dinner.
  • Give someone a '#Hollahday' this Christmas
    Give someone a '#Hollahday' this Christmas

    Hollah Day Gift Box

    Give someone a '#Hollahday' this Christmas and send this box of Hollah straight to their dining table.

    Our range will be perfect for any Christmas feast. Whether you are entertaining the neighbours with nibbles or catering for the family, Hollah will shake up your table. 

    Get your party started with a dash of Bucky on the cocktail sausages ,a shot of Vodka & Cranberry with the turkey, and be decadent with some delicious Chilli, Strawberry & Prosecco & Caramelised Onion on that cheese board.

    Eat drink and be merry... the Hollah way!


    • Bucky Sauce
    • Vodka & Cranberry Chilli Jelly
    • Strawberry & Prosecco Chutney
    • Caramelised Onion Chutney
    • Hollah Dawg
      Please Note: Items can vary from time to time due to supplier availability and seasonality of the product. We will always replace any unavailable item with an item of equal value & deliciousness!
  • Sale
    Hollah Dawg
    Hollah Dawg

    Hollah Dawg

    Seriously spice up your hot dawgs with this devilishly tasty relish. Use it on hot dogs, BBQ or as a delicious side to add some kick to your day.

    £3.75 £2.75